Signs of Toxicity in the Workplace

Signs of Toxicity in the Workplace

Have you been ignoring toxicity in your workplace with hopes it will dissipate on its own? Unfortunately, toxic behaviors in most work settings fail to get better over time, and in fact, tend to get worse when left unattended. As an employer, recognizing signs of toxicity is the first to improving your culture and enhancing many aspects of your organization from the ground up. Here are some of the major signs of a toxic workplace and how you can reverse it:


Employee disengagement. When employees become disengaged on many levels, there are usually some underlying reasons. Employee disengagement is reflected in many ways, including high absenteeism, lack of enthusiasm, unwillingness to learn, and a decline in work performance, just to name a few. Establishing initiatives that positively bring employees together is integral to promoting better engagement. Some of these initiatives may include professional development opportunities; team building activities; and social gatherings.


Poor communication. At the root of many toxic work settings is poor communication among all parties. If your employees often express feelings of frustration, confusion, or angst, this is a key sign that poor communication is at play. When employees feel left out of the communication loop or that their managers are not being transparent, they can quickly become resentful. Training your managers on communication skills is essential for fostering meaningful and effective two-way communication between superiors and their subordinates.


Frequent employee turnover. If both short-term and long-term employees are increasingly quitting their jobs and leaving your company, this is a clear sign that toxicity is to blame. When employees provide notice they’re leaving, it’s imperative to gather feedback and ask them why they’ve decided to seek employment elsewhere. While not every departing employee will be honest about their decision, your leadership team can at least get a sense of which factors may be contributing to constant turnover.


If you suspect toxicity in your workplace, there’s no better time to act than now. By proactively addressing toxic behaviors or practices, you can create a work atmosphere that’s fully inclusive of every employee’s goals, talents, and abilities.


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