Can Your Office’s Environment Impact Employee Turnover?

Can Your Office’s Environment Impact Employee Turnover?

If your company has experienced high employee turnover lately, you may be wondering what specifically is driving this issue. As many workplaces have shifted back to an “onsite model,” companies in all industries must proactively assess the quality of their work environments. Often changes or additions within your workplace can change employees’ perceptions of their environment, and ultimately, keep them more engaged, productive, and motivated. Here are some key tips for how you can restructure your office environment to achieve better employee retention:


Change your office layout. Remember, where and how your employees work onsite can alter their levels of happiness and productivity. Sometimes changing the layout of an office can make a world of difference, giving employees more opportunity to socialize and engage with one another. For instance, many companies are now designing open workspaces in which employees can work freely wherever they’d like within the office. This not only promotes increased collaboration among everybody, but contributes to a greater sense of culture and morale within your organization at large.


Integrate technology within the workplace. Whenever possible, integrating technology within your workplace can do wonders to improve the employee experience. From “smart office” tech to wireless presentation tools, there are numerous ways to digitize your workplace and elevate the workplace in a way that promotes collaboration and stronger communication. By assessing your current work atmosphere, you can determine which types of technologies will most benefit your employees’ daily routines.


Create a rollout strategy. Once you’ve taken steps to refresh your office, it’s important to clearly communicate these changes to your employees. Be sure to create a rollout strategy for how employees will be informed about the updates and how they reflect your workplace culture and organizational values. This will reinforce to your team any new policies or procedures that also go along with the changes (i.e., new technology use guidelines).


With these shifts and adjustments to your office space, you can set your employees up for better success, along with a more inspiring and fulfilling work environment!


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