How Can You Prepare for a Leasing Interview?

How Can You Prepare for a Leasing Interview?

Have you been navigating the leasing agent job market? If you’ve been actively going on interviews and failing to secure a position, you may need to brush up on your interview skills.

As you get ready for upcoming interviews, check out these helpful preparation tips:


Research, the company. Most properties have websites detailing their apartment units and living spaces, including amenities and accommodations. Always research the company before your interview so you know what to expect from the employer and the position itself. Additionally, checking out the company’s social media pages will give you more insight into what the property has to offer tenants.


Reflect on your experience. A top focus during most leasing interviews is a candidate’s experience in the multifamily industry. Being prepared to discuss your depth of experience will be key to selling your qualifications and showing you have what it takes to be a successful agent at the property. Discussing your knowledge about fair housing laws and prior experience conducting leasing agreements and marketing properties is a major part of impressing most property owners and managers during the interview process.


Ask your own questions. Coming to an interview with at least one or two of your own questions about the position and the company is important for many reasons. First, it will demonstrate your genuine interest in wanting to learn more about the opportunity. Second, asking questions will allow you to acquire more information about the overall workplace – such as what your daily routine would be like; how scheduling works, and what professional development opportunities are offered. You’ll then be able to assess whether the job and company culture align with your personality and interests.


Proactively preparing with the tips above will increase your confidence and motivation as you enter each interview. The result? More job offers coming your way!


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