What Can You Do to Cope with the Shortage of Maintenance Workers?

What Can You Do to Cope with the Shortage of Maintenance Workers?

If you’re in charge of hiring in the multifamily industry, you know firsthand the struggle to find qualified talent in the current job market. As worker shortages continue to pose different challenges for companies, hiring professionals must refine their approach to recruitment.

Here are three of the best strategies for coping with the shortage of maintenance workers:


Promote paid on-the-job training. Promoting on-the-job training can be one of the most effective ways to attract more maintenance candidates to your multifamily property, especially those who lack the necessary skills but have a desire to learn. Onsite training offers candidates the resources and knowledge to perform their jobs with competence without having to seek external vocational programs. Additionally, fostering mentorship within your training initiatives gives new workers support and guidance to achieve long-term success on the job.


Revamp your hiring strategy. Chances are your hiring strategy could use some adjustments – especially if you’re failing to recruit the right types of candidates. Focusing on revamping your hiring strategy can involve many facets – such as investing in social media recruiting; implementing new applicant tracking technology; or using a staffing agency. Identifying new ways to find talent and bring them in your candidate pipeline is essential for generating more interest from candidates and ultimately improving recruitment outcomes.


Hire temporary staff. Hiring temporary staff can often be instrumental in navigating the worker shortage, especially during times of the year when your property’s maintenance demands are at their highest. By using a staffing firm, you’ll have access to a constant stream of qualified temporary workers on a rotational or seasonal basis throughout the year. From technical workers to outdoor maintenance professionals, your firm will recruit candidates with the required skills to meet your hiring needs.


These are just some of the ways to combat the maintenance worker staffing shortage while maintaining operations at your property.

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