Should You Be Re-evaluating Your Recruitment Process?

Should You Be Re-evaluating Your Recruitment Process?

When is the last time you’ve re-evaluated your recruitment process? In many ways, taking an inventory of every aspect of your recruitment – from how you find candidates to interviewing procedures – can be instrumental in developing the most effective and streamlined process that allows for optimal workforce development outcomes.

Here are three steps you can take to re-evaluate your recruitment process:

Gather job applicant feedback. Job applicant feedback is often the first line of defense when it comes to revamping your recruitment process. Gathering feedback from job applicants about the application process – such as ease of application; efficiency of responses; and interview scheduling – can be very eye-opening. Learning about jobseekers’ experiences going through your application process will allow you to address difficulties or challenges that may be hampering recruitment success.


Implement a social media strategy. With social media recruiting being a top form of candidate recruitment, most employers can’t afford not to have a sound social media strategy in place. Establishing a strong presence on targeted social media platforms – such as Facebook and LinkedIn – will allow you to better reach and engage with potential candidates who are a fit for your company’s job openings. Social media also allows you to view many candidates’ qualifications and credentials during the screening process so you don’t waste time interviewing the wrong talent.


Track and measure outcomes. Part of maintaining an effective recruitment process involves actively measuring hiring outcomes. As you track results, there are many facets to evaluate – including quality of hires; onboarding efficiencies; and retention of new staff. Through regular tracking and measurement, you can identify areas for improvement while making meaningful adjustments to your recruitment approach.


As hiring challenges evolve, it’s recommended to re-evaluate your recruitment process on a monthly or quarterly basis – at least once per year!

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