Hiring For a Leadership Position? Ask Yourself These Three Questions When Reviewing Candidates

Hiring For a Leadership Position? Ask Yourself These Three Questions When Reviewing Candidates

Does your company have leadership roles to fill? With leadership jobs requiring a great deal of skill and mental fortitude, finding the best talent can be challenging at times. As you screen and interview candidates for leadership positions, it’s imperative to ask the right questions so you hire the right people. Here are three of the most impactful questions to ask:


Does this person have what it takes to be a high-performing contributor?

A leadership role requires an individual with a certain amount of drive, grit, and perseverance – especially during challenging times. When assessing a candidate, it’s essential to evaluate their ability to stay focused and undistracted by obstacles that come their way. For instance, have they exhibited resilience in previous roles? Do they empower others to reach their greatest potential? Are they adaptable during times of uncertainty? Drive, resilience, and adaptability are all essential for strong and effective leadership.


Can this person be trusted?

Trust and integrity remain two of the most important character traits among the best leaders. A person with true leadership potential has a high level of integrity, exhibiting an ethical compass in their behaviors, actions, and decisions. By considering a candidate’s background and professional referrals, you can often get a sense of their character and how they treat others. Honesty and trust are always paramount when it comes to leadership roles.


Is this person forward-thinking?

The best leaders are those who are forward-thinking and innovative, regularly bringing new ideas and perspectives to their company. Considering the candidate’s creativity and ability to engage in abstract thinking will be key for assessing their leadership qualities. Ultimately, a forward-thinking individual embraces change and is focused on a vision for the future.


Asking yourself the questions above can help you tremendously in hiring the right people for your company’s leadership positions. Above all, you’ll feel confident that you’re bringing on board the right people to your team!


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