Executive Search Tips: Interview Questions for Evaluating Candidates’ Leadership Styles

Executive Search Tips: Interview Questions for Evaluating Candidates’ Leadership Styles

Are you responsible for hiring at your organization? If you’re tasked with finding candidates for leadership positions, you probably know that identifying leadership qualities can be difficult with today’s candidate pool. The questions you ask during interviews can help you determine the best candidates for executive leadership roles and which individuals have the potential to achieve long-term success within your organization.

Here are three questions to help you assess candidates’ leadership abilities:


Why do you want this position? As you get to know candidates, it’s important to understand why they are seeking a leadership role. Depending on a candidate’s answer, you can often evaluate their level of ambition, passion, and interest in the position. This question also allows you to assess a candidate’s knowledge of your company. For example, do their goals for the role align with your company’s mission and vision? Or, does it appear that their desire for the job does not strongly match your organization’s needs?


What is your preferred management style? The management style of a leader can often impact their leadership approach on many levels. Asking about management style will help you get a sense of how a candidate communicates with a team and handles conflict. For example, an individual who’s more autonomous in their decision-making may be assertive, but less inclined to include others in their process. On the other hand, a candidate who seeks more input and consensus may be more collaborative in their leadership practices.


How do you handle employee conflict? The best leaders are those who know how to handle employee conflict in an efficient and ethical way. Asking about a candidate’s conflict resolution skills will shed light on their ability to address issues in the workplace without compromising your organization’s productivity. Conflict resolution skills are essential for maintaining a high level of morale within your company, as well as fostering positive relationships among staff.


With these interview questions, you can better screen candidates for your executive positions while improving hiring outcomes.


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