Are You Making the Most Out of Tenant Reviews?

Are You Making the Most Out of Tenant Reviews?

If you’re in charge of managing rental properties, you’re probably familiar with tenant testimonials. However, your ability to leverage testimonials to showcase your property can have a major impact on your marketing efforts. Testimonials from current or past tenants can be one of the most powerful tools for advertising and filling vacancies. Through tenant testimonials, you can demonstrate staff professionalism, promote timely maintenance, and present your property as a welcoming place to live. Here are some of the best ways to incorporate tenant reviews within your marketing initiatives:


Include testimonials in promotional materials.

From printed brochures and flyers to business cards, including testimonials on your promotional materials can reinforce to prospective tenants what your property has to offer. Because testimonials are firsthand accounts from actual tenants who personally experienced your property, they can enhance your marketing and make a greater impact on those considering your apartment units.


Highlight testimonials on social media. 

With social media being a major marketing driver in the multifamily industry, highlighting testimonials on your company’s social media accounts is a no-brainer. You can include testimonials with photos and videos of your apartment units, which can increase engagement among your followers and generate greater interest from individuals viewing your content. Establishing a social media strategy that proactively pushes out testimonials every week will significantly complement your messaging on sites like Facebook or Instagram.


Update your website with testimonials.

Making a habit of regularly updating tenant testimonials on your website is essential for a couple reasons. First and foremost, most interested tenants will visit your website immediately before reviewing other online channels. Second, testimonials will improve your website’s search engine rankings and generate trustworthy, high-quality content for your site. This can instantly improve your property’s credibility among visitors.


Tenant reviews can be a wonderful asset to your property’s marketing endeavors – ultimately helping you secure more tenants in the long run!


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