Using Contract Services to Stay Flexible

Using Contract Services to Stay Flexible

If you manage a housing property or apartment complex, you likely know firsthand that temporary staffing positions are ideal for supporting your existing workforce during times of growth or seasonal demands. Perhaps you’re considering an expansion or renovation, or your multifamily residences experience high or low seasons due to fluctuations in tourism. Rather than staffing all year for projects that require shorter time frames, here are some of the main reasons to consider contract staffing to stay flexible with labor demand and your finances:


Reduced payroll taxes and hiring costs.

One of the primary differences between permanent and temporary employees is the reduction or elimination of payroll taxes and hiring fees. When hiring temp workers, you can rely on your staffing company to manage payroll taxes for every temporary employee. Additionally, utilizing a staffing agency reduces the need to spend absorbent amounts of money on the recruiting and hiring process, eliminating expenditures like job board subscriptions, career fair fees, and background screening services.


Temp-to-hire options.

One of the benefits of temporary employees is the potential to hire these individuals for permanent positions once their contracts are over. When temp employees work in a “temp-to-hire” capacity, they have the opportunity to transition into a full-time role after gaining experience working for your company and learning about your work environment. As an employer, this allows you to essentially “test drive” future staff before investing in them as full-time employees. You’ll have the chance to observe your temp workers’ performance, abilities, and skills – ultimately assessing if they are qualified for a permanent job.


On-demand staffing as needed.

At many multifamily properties, staffing demands can quickly change on a dime. Contract services allow you to fulfill last-minute staffing needs without having to compromise the management and operations of your property. From property managers to groundskeepers, hiring contract employees allows your entire staff to continue functioning and serving your tenants in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


From flexible hiring to lowered internal costs, these are some of the top reasons to pursue contract services to meet your property’s ever-evolving staffing needs.


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