How to Show Your Maintenance Team They’re Valued

How to Show Your Maintenance Team They’re Valued

In many ways, the quality workmanship of your maintenance workers can impact the success of your property in terms of management, tenant recruitment, and of course tenant retention. Proactively showing your maintenance staff that they’re valued members of your team can create a positive, engaging workplace that promotes job satisfaction among all personnel. Check out these three ways to show your maintenance workers that they’re valued members of your team:


Give gift cards.

An easy yet effective way to show a token of appreciation to your maintenance workers is by giving them gift cards periodically. Gift cards for local restaurants, breweries, and food delivery services are often ideal choices for maintenance staff as these types of venues appeal to almost anybody. Whether you give gift cards on a quarterly or yearly basis, there’s no denying they will be well received by everyone on your maintenance team!


Create a video campaign. 

One of the most creative ways to showcase the hard work of your maintenance staff is by creating videos that highlight and promote their contributions to your property. A series of videos that spotlight your maintenance workers and praise them for their dedication, expertise, and talents, can create a sense of goodwill among your team while giving your staff public recognition. You can share these videos through your company’s website, social media channels, and other online marketing platforms.


Promote work-life balance.

People who work in maintenance perform heavy labor tasks on a daily basis, which can understandably be physically draining. Promoting work-life balance to all your staff, especially maintenance workers, is important for ensuring they take their paid time off and get the rest they need to best perform their jobs. Fostering a culture that promotes work-life balance through generous PTO and flexible scheduling can make all the difference for attracting and retaining workers.

Remember, these are just some of the ways in which you can show your maintenance employees that they’re appreciated and valued! What’s most important is that you regularly acknowledge your employees’ accomplishments and show them you care!

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