How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Manager

How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Manager

You may not realize it, but your manager can be one of your greatest career assets. That’s why the relationship you have with your manager can often make or break your success in a role, impacting your future professional success and earning potential. By focusing on your relationship with your manager, you can accelerate your career growth and create a more meaningful work experience.

Here are three of the most effective ways to develop a great relationship with your manager:

Communicate frequently. It’s nearly impossible to have a strong relationship with a manager if you don’t make an effort to communicate frequently. Actively seeking feedback from your manager about your progress and ways in which you can improve on the job will demonstrate a commitment to your success while fostering an ongoing dialogue. This will ultimately create a closer connection that allows you to learn more from your manager and grow further in your role.


Take initiative. Taking initiative is one of the most powerful ways to show your manager that you’re focused on furthering your career and taking on a higher role in the workplace. Whether it’s offering to lead a new project or learn a new skill, offering your time or expertise within the workplace that goes beyond the scope of your job will accelerate your career and make you more invaluable to your manager over time.


Show respect. There’s no perfect relationship and it’s easy to become frustrated during stressful or challenging times on the job. However, it’s important to keep your emotions in check and always show respect to your manager – even when you may disagree with them. Maintaining professionalism in your interactions, being mindful of your verbal and written communication, and understanding personal boundaries, are all part of showing your manager the respect they’ve earned through their title.


With these tips, you can build a positive dynamic with your manager that enables you to achieve your goals and excel in your job.


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