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Contract Jobs and Employment

Contract Jobs in Information Technology (IT), HR, Accounting, Multi-Family & Commercial Real Estate

Meeting Transitional and Time-Critical Needs

Our aim is to support your company through times of transition by providing the highest caliber professional talent available on an interim or contract basis, so that change happens smoothly, without conflict or loss of productivity. Liberty provides contract talent primarily in Information Technology, HR, Accounting, and Multi-Family and Commercial Real Estate.

Some of the circumstances that require contract staffing include:

  • * Change or growth within IT departments – system upgrades, equipment installation, implementation of new organizational protocols, training.

  • * Bottom-line concerns such as payroll, head-count and project or departmental budgeting preferences.

  • * Unique challengers that require professional talent not normally found on your payroll.

  • * Temporary shortages in professional manpower due to leaves of absence, internal training, or other scheduled workflow interruptions.

  • * Seasonal tax reporting periods, audits, financial system implementations, compliance with governmental requirements, project-related workload spikes.

  • * Development and construction, economic shifts, large-scale relocations, opening new facilities or offices, expansion of facilities or infrastructure.

Contract Jobs from The Liberty Group

Our Approach

Depending on the requirements of your assignment, we have the ability either to immediately staff projects from our work-ready base of professionals, or to recruit specialized talent within a range of professions.

*CONTRACT-TO-HIRE: Our contract employment service is a powerful way to evaluate how an employee will fit within your company before adding them to your payroll. For more information, call 713-961-7666 or send us your resume.

Not quite sure if an employee is the right fit for your company? Test drive the employee before bringing him or her on full time with contract to hire. The contract work period (often three months) may be as long or as short as desired to give you an opportunity to see them in action to ensure they are a good fit for the organization/team. It’s a great way for both parties to see each other in action!

Hiring employees on a contract basis is an excellent way for companies to find highly skilled pre-evaluated individuals for unexpected/critical projects, specialized positions, system integrations, upgrades/releases, and holidays/employee absences while maintaining flexibility and keeping overall costs low.