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Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing and Personnel Services

Personnel ServicesWe provide temporary personnel for the following industries: Property Management / Development / Acquisitions/Multifamily/Office/Maintenance. We provide flexible workforce solutions to quickly adapt to fluctuating market conditions. Typical areas: greeter, concierge, leasing, marketing, assistant manager, bookeeper, property manager, porter, make-ready technician, service technician,lead supervisor, HVAC technician and more.  We ensure the day-to-day operations of your business run smoothly and efficiently, even when faced with last minute call-ins. Imagine no longer worrying about coverage for vacations, sick days, maternity or military leave, and other absences both expected and unexpected.  Our Temporary Staffing services provide Experienced, professional temporary support, when and where you need it.

Why Should I Hire Temporary?

Not quite sure if an employee is the right fit for your company? Test drive the employee before bringing him or her on full time by pay-rolling through Liberty (RapidHire™). The contract period may be as long or as short as desired to give you an opportunity to see them in action. Our employees have been interviewed, background check performed, EVerify, tested and at times trained and more times than not, our employees are hired on full-time.

Why Should I Work a Temporary Job?

Temping holds numerous benefits, some obvious and some not so obvious. Here are a few reasons why people just like you choose to temp:

Proven Income: Temp jobs are a source of good, solid income for millions of American workers.

Flexibility: As a temp, you choose which assignments to accept, so you control when and how much you work. In addition, many temps work part time. What could you do with extra personal time in your day?

Temp-to-Hire: Companies will often hire a temp full time once they see sustained excellent performance. Temping is a proven pathway to getting a full time job.

Test Drive: As a temp, you get an insider’s view of each company you work for. If the company offers you a full time position, you’ll be uniquely qualified to judge whether it’s a place you could spend 40 hours a week.

Gain Experience: Are you looking to change careers? You can use a temp job to get your foot in the door and gain experience in a new industry.

No Gaps on Your Resume: If you are unemployed, temping gives you an opportunity to get back to work and avoid gaps in your resume that could negatively affect future job opportunities.

Networking: At each temporary assignment, you meet new people and grow your professional network.

 Personnel Services: Direct Hire

We also provide Direct Hire placement for your open positions that are critical to fill. We provide the same complete background checks performed on all our temporary employees but we have pre-qualified them to be the right fit for your organization and position requirements. We have a vast candidate pool of qualified candidates who are confidentially seeking new employment. Time is critical in filling these positions. If you are receiving stacks of unqualified resumes and running out of time, you need The Liberty Group Personnel Services to ensure you hire right the first time saving you valuable time and resources.

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