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Liberty Group In The News

Liberty In The News

As a leader in the staffing and executive search industries, The Liberty Group has been featured in numerous industry publications.  In addition, as industry experts, our executives have authored many articles in trade magazines and journals for the multi-family and commercial real estate industries.

The following articles are reprinted with permission. Click the title or thumbnail image to read the full article.

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Welcome our new Phoenix, AZ branch manager!

In support of our continued growth in The Phoenix Market and supporting our valuable clients, we would like to introduce our new Manager for The Liberty Group Phoenix team. We are excited to announce that Paul a Fitzsimmons has been promoted to Branch Manager for The Liberty Group Phoenix. Paula brings over 25-years of multi-family on-site management experience and an incredible passion for success to The Liberty Group, and is a spectacular addition to our talented Phoenix Team.

Please join me in welcoming Paula as our Branch Manager! We are excited for her contributions in making The Liberty Group your preferred staffing partner. We know that we are fortunate to have her in this role and you will be too!

If your needs are for temporary assistance, temp to hire, Rapid Hire (Payrolling)l, or direct hire, Paula, and The Phoenix Liberty Group Team are the ones you can count on!


jillian hundzynski

Welcome our new Ft. Lauderdale, Florida branch manager!

Jillian Hundzynski moved to Fort Lauderdale from Philadelphia to pursue her career in the Staffing and Multifamily Industry. After graduating from Villanova University, she worked for a National IT and Digital Marketing Staffing Agency opening the South Florida branch. Her most recent role was working within the Multifamily industry with Costar/ as the Advertising Consultant for South Florida. She is highly active in the SEFAA organization and on the COE and Young Professionals Committee. In her free time she loves to travel and experience new cultures and food! Fun fact: She was on The Ellen Show!


HAA All-stars sports Challenge raises $25K for American Red Cross

All Star Sports Callenge with HAA teamHAA’s annual event brought together 300 members for a day of friendly competition. Forty-six teams participated and 40 volunteers helped with the event, which was co-chaired by Laura Lestus with The Liberty Group and Marivel Bownds with Valet Waste.

HAA All-Stars Sports Challenge co-chair Laura Lestus (4th from left) with The Liberty Group takes time out with TAA 2015-2016 President Beth Van Winkle, CAM, CAPS, CPM, Beth Rohani and Jaqueline Galena.

Click Here to view the article as a PDF.

Click Here to view the article in the Texas Apartment Association Magazine.

Rebuilding After a Flood

Rebuilding After The FloodsPosted by Communications Department on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

HAA and HAA members are donating $69,000 this afternoon to Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Greater Houston Storm Relief Fund.

Thanks so much to those who have donated to this worthy cause, including the Houston Apartment Association, Camden Property Trust, Camp Construction, Dinerstein Companies, Alliance Residential, Vesta Management Services, J. Allen Management, Westdale, Professional Apartment Services, SMI Realty, Creative Property Management, Liberty Group, Reliant/NRG and Jeff Hall.

If you have not yet donated to the Fund, it’s not too late! We would like to encourage you to donate directly online at or by check. Let Mercedes know via email if you have made a donation, so we can keep a running tally of our industry’s contribution. There is much work to be done, and many flood victim residents to assist through the Fund.

Over 1,900 apartment units were effected by the recent flood. If you own or manage one of those properties, you are probably in the midst of rebuilding and you know that the permitting process can be a daunting one. The Houston Apartment Association has been working with the City of Houston, and they want to ensure a smooth permitting process to get residents back in their units as soon as possible.

To guide you through this process the City has provided us with a Post-Storm Permitting guide, a sample of the building permit application for your review, a project cost estimate and their flood damage repair checklist.

When you go by the permitting center located at 1002 Washington Ave B1 in Houston, make sure to identify yourself as a flood affected property owner and they will help you through the process.

Directions for Post-Storm Permitting, click here.

Angie Lavrack, CAM, CAS Earns the Elite Go-Getter Blue Jacket
Congratulations Angie!

Angie Earns the Go-Getter Elite Blue Jacket

November 19, 2015–Angie Lavrack was presented the Elite Go Getter Blue Jacket at the 2015 Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, November 12. Angie Lavrack is an Account Manager at The Liberty Group. She received her B.S. from the University of Houston before joining the multifamily industry and becoming a leasing agent. During her sixteen-year career she worked her way up to a property manager position. In 2011 she started working at The Liberty Group. While working in multifamily, Angie received her CAM designation in 2002 and her CAPS designation in 2005. She also obtained her Texas Real Estate license in 2007. In addition, Angie regularly volunteers her time with the Houston Apartment Association. She is a Go-Getter, Ambassador Team Captain and sits on the Resident Relations Committee, BGF Century Club as well as the Community Outreach Committee.

When she has free time she enjoys watching football, loves all animals and spending time with her family and friends.

“I remember very clearly the day we met though the date eludes me. Angie was managing for an A+ lease up when I met her on a cold call. Cold calls can go either way, either you are able to talk or not. We spoke at length and I could not believe how gracious she was with her time.

As time went on, we saw each other at HAA functions and I realized that Angie had what I will call “True HAA Spirit” Her graciousness is genuine and defines what HAA is all about…just come on in and make yourself at home! While is biased, if I were a newbie coming onboard, I could not think of a better Ambassador to show me the ropes. I think I can state that most of HAA feels the same way!

4+ years ago, I was nudged by a fellow supplier that Angie needed to work for our team. On behalf of the entire Liberty Group, I don’t think we could have made a better choice!

Receiving the Blue Blazer is a Milestone (no pun). I am still taken that our HAA President Jackie Rhone received hers the same night!

Sometimes you receive a gift and you all that are necessary are to say THANK YOU! Angie’s only goal is to ensure a new supplier’s success and she has done that to the benefit of all!” Dean O’Kelley, National Sales Associate.


The Liberty Group is a National Executive Search and Temporary Staffing firm specializing to the multifamily industry since 1977.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Shonna Schneider-Marquis at 713-961-7666 or email at

Welcome Back Laura Lestus

Laura Lestus, CAS has returned to The Liberty Group as the new Area Manager. Laura started with The Liberty Group in 2008 as Branch Manager in Houston, Texas. Laura quickly became a very active member of the Houston Apartment Association and won the Supplier of the Year in 2014.Laura serves as the Chair of the Ambassador committee, Century Club Member with the Better Government Fund and on the Product and Services Council. She worked tirelessly with Liberty’s own Liberty Cares program for the Camp Hope for Veterans suffering with PTSD, FISH For Hope, Toys for Tots and she personally helps families who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.



2014 Honors: Laura Lestus

Laura Lestus, The Liberty Group, is a longtime, steadfast volunteer for HAA, serving on the Resident Relations and Community Relations committees, and as an Ambassador co-chair, to name just a few. A CAS designate since 2009, she also serves on the HAA Product Service Council and says, ‘It is our responsibility to share our experience and mentor new supplier members in order to continue to grow our association year over year.
By Cody Miller, Houston Apartment Association Reprinted from the August 2014 issue of ABODE, the Houston Apartment Association magazine.



A Gracious Welcome

Even after seven years as an Ambassador, earning a Certified Apartment Supplier designation and serving as this year’s Expo chair, Dean O’Kelley says he still feels like a relative newcomer to the industry. ABODE asked O’Kelley, our 2013 Supplier of the Year, to share his thoughts on customer service and what advice he gives new HAA members to help them succeed.By Rachel Zoch, Houston Apartment Association
Reprinted from the September 2013 issue of ABODE, the Houston Apartment Association magazine.



Revenue Management Shifts Into High Gear

A new career track is gaining popularity in the apartment industry: revenue management. Software products designed to push rents integrated with property management database systems have evolved in their ability to maximize rental rates based on myriad information, which includes current occupancy, amenities, location and market trends.By Ken Bohan, CPC, CTS
President, The Liberty Group
Reprinted from the August 2013 issue of Units Magazine



Filling the “Green” Chair

A growing trend in multifamily housing is the process of ‘going green’ in both new developments and retrofits. Companies of all sizes are seeking to effectively decrease expenses while improving the marketability of their portfolios through the implementation of sustainability positions. By Ken Bohan, CPC, CTS
President, The Liberty Group
Reprinted from the February 2013 issue of Units Magazine



Closing the Gap

Transferable skills, unlike job-specific skills, are those skills you use in nearly every job. These skills are integrated into your workday and can be used across different fields but rarely stand out as obviously as skills that are easier to quantify. By Laura Lestus, CAS
Houston Branch Manager, The Liberty Group
Reprinted from the February 2013 issue of ABODE Magazine, the Houston Apartment Association magazine



Focus on Austin: 2012 Professional of the Year Award Ceremony

Shonna’s supervisor says she exemplifies all that The Liberty Group stands for, is a value-add at every turn, and that he cannot imagine his team without her. Her peers say that her passion for the community and the Austin Apartment Association has played a significant role in her career as she has represented our association with integrity, leadership, loyalty and honor. Reprinted from the January/February 2013 edition of Window on Rental Housing Magazine




Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

2012 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Ken Bohan, The Liberty Group, knows the importance of strong connections, civic duty, good business and a great life. By Deborah Nix, Houston Apartment Association
Reprinted from the August 2012 issue of ABODE Magazine, the Houston Apartment Association magazine




You Got the Job!

What are some of the top ways an Apartment Manager can win that big promotion to Regional Manager? And what are the career killers that can hold a Property Manager back? This article has the answers, complete with surveys and interviews with managers from top multifamily management companies. By Ken Bohan, CPC, CTS
President, The Liberty Group
Reprinted from the March 2012 issue of Units Magazine




How to Hire

With a workforce in flux, property management executives are implementing increasingly sophisticated hiring strategies to ensure their firms are stocked with top talent. By Ken Bohan, CPC, CTS
President, The Liberty Group
Reprinted from the February 2011 issue of Units Magazine





With experience comes perspective, and this article from a longtime HAA supplier member offers some observations and predictions from longtime HAA owner/management leaders. By Ken Bohan, CPC, CTS
President, The Liberty Group
Reprinted from the August 2010 issue of ABODE Magazine, the Houston Apartment Association magazine



Checking Up

A few thoughtful questions can yield valuable information from a candidate’s reference. By Cheri Ziegler, CPC
Vice President, Liberty Executive Search
Reprinted from the February 2010 issue of ABODE Magazine, the Houston Apartment Association magazine




The Big Picture

Consider a candidate’s personality and expectations as well as his or her professional qualifications. By Cheri Ziegler, CPC
Vice President, Liberty Executive Search
Reprinted from the February 2009 issue of ABODE Magazine, the Houston Apartment Association magazine




Why Is It So Hard to Find Top Talent? And What Can My Company Do to Attract It?

Why is it so difficult to find top quality candidates that should be available RIGHT NOW when your company’s needs are at their greatest? By Shirley I. Kurtz-Levey, CPC, CTS
Vice President, Liberty Executive Search
Reprinted from the March 2003 issue of Affordable Housing Finance Magazine