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Attracting high-level executives isn't a simple task. They're not combing through job boards; they're deeply entrenched in their current roles.

We can help. The Liberty Group is your full-service executive search resource, nationwide.

We have been recruiting proven leaders since 1977, starting as an executive search firm serving the Houston area.

The company grew rapidly, and our reach and influence now extend nationwide. Over the years we learned that matching skills is not enough.

The strongest candidates will align with your mission and vision and have what it takes to lead and inspire teams to contribute to the success of the organization.

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Backed by more than 45 years of experience in executive search, The Liberty Group offers retained search for urgent requirements or critical vacancies, as well as contingency search agreements when your recruitment need is not as pressing. Our mission is to identify and present candidates who not only meet your requirements but also embody your values, embrace your mission, and have the capacity to make a profound impact on your organization.

We place a variety of executive talent, including:

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