Rapid Hire Apartment Payroll

Outpace the Competition with RapidHire™ Payrolling

Rapid Hire

In today’s competitive business climate, you need every advantage. Hiring the best talent is critical to your success, but what if your competitors snap up the top employees first?

RapidHire™ is an exclusive payrolling service from The Liberty Group that lets you quickly hire your dream candidate while your competitors are still sitting in interviews. We even handle all the “HR stuff”.

Would you like to hire top candidates before your competitors even make an offer? Do you want to test drive new employees’ performance on the job risk free? With RapidHire™ from The Liberty Group, hiring today’s top talent has never been faster.

RapidHire™ Payrolling FAQ

What kinds of employees can I payroll using RapidHire™?
You name it. With RapidHire™ you get first priority to the top executives in Manhattan, techs in Texarkana, porters in Palm Beach, and more!

Do you perform background checks?
Why stop there? We perform a background check, E-Verify, and reference check on each RapidHire™ candidate for your peace of mind.

After choosing a candidate, what is the waiting period to avoid a buyout fee?
We couldn’t create a program called RapidHire™ and then slow down the hiring process with buyout fees. The moment you find the right candidate, you can hire right away with no additional fees or delays.