Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Property Manager?

Thinking of entering the property management field? What you should know first is that a job in property management is not for the faint of heart! The property management industry is highly competitive and requires a dedication to often working long days and nights. Because you’ll be expected to fulfill many different duties on a […]

Does Your Elevator Speech Need Some Sprucing Up? Try These Three Tips!

Whether it’s a networking event or a coffee meeting with an old acquaintance, being prepared to talk about yourself in professional and casual settings will always be important. While you may have a general elevator speech you use in most settings, chances are your speech could use a little sprucing up! As your career evolves […]

Following Up With a Potential Employer by Phone? Here’s How to Calm Your Nerves!

Though interviews can be stressful for most job seekers, following up after interviews can often be the most nerve-racking aspect. With so much job-related communication being done online, job seekers of today’s world tend to forget that following up with employers on the phone is an important part of the hiring process. Verbally following up […]