The Liberty Group: A Warm Welcome for Returning Employees

As a company that values its culture and strives to create a positive work environment for its employees, The Liberty Group is thrilled to welcome back former employees to our team. Returnees, sometimes referred to as “boomerang employees”,  help us grow, diversify, and continue to push boundaries. Welcome Back! At The Liberty Group, many of […]

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Are you in the process of applying to jobs? While applications can be tedious, taking time to craft well-developed cover letters can significantly enhance your resume and set you apart from the competition. In fact, taking advantage of a cover letter to convey your skills, talents, and abilities is often key for landing interviews and […]

Why You Should Include Pay in Job Descriptions (Even If It’s Not Required)

As laws surrounding pay transparency continue evolving, many employers consider including pay information in job descriptions. Employers are increasingly realizing that company values and job titles are not enough to entice candidates who want a bigger picture of employment opportunities – and whether the compensation matches the depth of their qualifications and credentials. Here are […]

Understanding Generational Identity: Tips for Managing a Multi-Generational Team

Do you currently manage a multi-generational workforce? Leaders and managers who embrace generational diversity create vibrant and productive workplaces in which every individual on their team can thrive. Here are some of the best practices for managing a multi-generational team in the workplace:   Educate your staff. First and foremost, providing staff education about multi-generational differences […]

Holiday Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love!

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may have already begun to think about gift options for coworkers. As you start your gift planning, it’s helpful to research some of the best budget-friendly gift ideas so you’re not feeling stressed during holiday time. Check out these three gifts your coworkers are guaranteed to love! Artificial potted […]