Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees This Holiday Season

As the holidays are right around the corner, there are many ways to give thanks to your employees and remind them how much you value their work and talents. Your employees work hard all year and deserve to get some TLC during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Planning some thoughtful initiatives can […]

What is the Cost of Hiring a Bad Property Manager?

If you own a large or small apartment or housing complex, chances are you often feel overwhelmed by constant demands and responsibilities. A qualified property manager can help to ease these burdens, taking over many of the daily tasks weighing you down. However, when it comes to bringing onboard a new property manager, one of […]

3 Tips For Making Small Talk With Clients

Bringing new clients on board is always exciting, but the initial process of pitching them with your services can feel burdensome for many staffing leaders. In particular, making small talk when meeting with prospective clients for the first time can often feel awkward and challenging. However, the way in which you conduct yourself to potential […]

RapidHIRE Payroll Service – Hire Today!

Did you ever need to hire a candidate but the timing didn’t correspond with your budget? Did you ever need a candidate to start yesterday?   The Liberty Group provides a service that speeds up the hiring process of a desired candidate so you can immediately obtain your valuable new hire with little to no […]

Improving Employees’ Health Can Improve Productivity … Here’s How!

Think health and wellness isn’t that critical when it comes to business success? Think again. Many employers unfortunately underestimate the importance of investing in the health of their employees. This can have devastating effects on many organizations, often resulting in low levels of employee retention and a poor culture. Employers that recognize the connection between […]

Multifamily and Apartment Industry Trends for 2019

As the multifamily and apartment industry evolves, it’s critical that property management professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure smooth transitions for their teams. Property managers who are aware of the top trends in the multifamily and apartment industry are in the best position to implement positive management changes at their respective […]