Holiday Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love!

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may have already begun to think about gift options for coworkers. As you start your gift planning, it’s helpful to research some of the best budget-friendly gift ideas so you’re not feeling stressed during holiday time. Check out these three gifts your coworkers are guaranteed to love! Artificial potted […]

The Liberty Group Chicago Announces New Branch Manager

The Liberty Group Chicago is happy welcome Brittany Vaca as the branch manager of our Chicago office in March and she has already become an exciting addition!  With over 11 years of experience in the Chicago multi-family industry, Brittany brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the team. After starting her career in property management […]

Is It Too Soon To Leave A Job You Don’t Like?

If you feel your bad days at work just don’t seem to end, you’re probably tempted to start actively looking for a new job. Feelings of anger or deflation can quickly build up, leaving you resentful and anxious to quit. However, before you throw in the towel, you owe it to yourself – and your […]

Is Your Current Job Lacking Work-Life Balance? Here’s How to Find It!

If you’re a busy professional, you probably have a general understanding of the importance of work-life balance but are lacking a clear sense of how to implement this concept within your own life. What you may not realize is that dismissing the importance of work-life balance altogether can have devasting effects on both your professional […]

Three Energy-Packed Lunches to Bring to Work

While breakfast has always been considered the most important meal of the day, remember that lunch is also essential! The quality of your lunch can make or break your productivity at work. Making the time and effort to prepare healthy, protein-filled lunches can keep energy levels high and help you stay focused, so you don’t […]

Weekend Tips That Will Leave You Refreshed and Ready to Take on the New Week

If you’re like many busy professionals, you’re likely burning the candle at both ends during the work week and living for your freedom on the weekends. However, you may have never considered that how you spend your weekend can impact your entire week. Learning how to use your weekend in a healthy and productive way […]