How You Can Start Streamlining Maintenance Through Automation

Maintenance is arguably one of the most time-consuming functions of any property management company. Fortunately, as a property manager, there are steps you can to make maintenance tasks less cumbersome for your team, residents, and maintenance techs. In recent years, the rise of automated systems and tools has allowed companies to perform maintenance significantly more […]

How to Make Sure You’re Hiring the Best Candidate

Are you constantly in search of new talent to fill vacant roles? Unfortunately, staff turnover is often the result of poor hiring decisions. Assessing your hiring approach and making necessary changes to your recruiting strategy can significantly improve hiring outcomes and pave the way for better long-term retention. As you vet potential talent, here are […]

Fair Housing 101: What You Need to Know

risk management

Whether you’re a property manager or maintenance tech, being educated about the Fair Housing Act (FHA) is essential to performing your job professionally and competently. Established in 1969, the Fair Housing Act is a federal law designed to prevent discrimination against “certain protected classes” during the rental or home buying process and other housing-related activities. […]

Best Practices for Property Managers

Are you a property manager hoping to grow in the field? The best property managers are committed to advancing themselves and their properties in the most ethical, effective and efficient ways. If you hope to improve the trajectory of your career, you must invest in professional development, as well as demonstrate a willingness to reverse old habits for the […]

Struggling to Keep Temporary Employees Engaged? Use These Three Tips

Do you focus most of your attention on your full-time staff, giving your temps the cold-shoulder? While it’s easy to dismiss your temporary employees, engaging your temps is just as critical as engaging your full-time staff. Your temps have a direct impact on your organization’s productivity and bottom line, making them a significant part of […]

How Small Workplace Communication Improvements Can Deliver Big Results!

Has your team been slacking lately? Keeping employees engaged and motivated can be an ongoing struggle for many companies. However, internal communication can play a big role in your employees’ performance, productivity and happiness. You may be surprised that even the smallest communication changes in the workplace can deliver big results for your organization’s culture […]