3 Easy Ways To Show Employee Appreciation

When it comes to showing appreciation to employees, it’s important to know that a little can go a long way. In fact, a study by Great Place to Work found that feeling appreciated is the top motivator for employees to do great work.   So, if you’re looking for ways to show your employees a […]

The Liberty Group: A Warm Welcome for Returning Employees

As a company that values its culture and strives to create a positive work environment for its employees, The Liberty Group is thrilled to welcome back former employees to our team. Returnees, sometimes referred to as “boomerang employees”,  help us grow, diversify, and continue to push boundaries. Welcome Back! At The Liberty Group, many of […]

How to Practice Employee Appreciation

To build a successful team, most leaders know that culture and employee recognition are closely tied together. However, if you’re like many managers, you probably have the best intentions to show your employees how much you appreciate them – you just don’t have a structure in place to do so. Making a sustained effort to […]