Warming Up for Success

As the temperatures drop outside, it’s time to focus on warming up. No, I’m not talking about sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace (as inviting as that sounds). Instead, I’m talking about having the same mindset as top athletes before an event. No matter the sport, what is the one thing athletes all have in […]

Your 3 Step Checklist to Wrap Up 2013

Every year, Q4 provides companies with a final 12 weeks to sprint toward the finish line and close the year on a high note. What many forget is that this should also be a time of reflection and recognition on the staff that made so many amazing things happen throughout the year. It is easy […]

Ready to Hire? It’s Time to Give Your Whole Team a Checkup

Every day I am called by clients who need help finding their next great hire.  More often than not, they send me a standard job description along with a few other generic nuggets that make it hard for me to locate that perfect match who will immediately make a difference. Finding the Missing Piece My […]