How Can You Prepare for a Leasing Interview?

Have you been navigating the leasing agent job market? If you’ve been actively going on interviews and failing to secure a position, you may need to brush up on your interview skills. As you get ready for upcoming interviews, check out these helpful preparation tips:   Research, the company. Most properties have websites detailing their […]

Asking For A Job After An Internship

Are you currently in an internship that you hope turns into a full-time job? In many ways, a successful internship is a natural pathway to a full-time position. However, taking the right approach to asking for a full-time job once you’ve completed your internship is an art within itself. It’s important to remember that every […]

News Flash: Your Social Media Presence Can Impact Your Job Search!

Have you been job searching for months with no success? It may be time to take a step back and think about how your own personal choices may be affecting your job hunt. Believe it or not, your social media profiles can have a significant impact on whether you land a new job – and […]

Signs You’re Ready to Start Looking for a New Job

Do you constantly find yourself looking at the clock during the workday out of sheer misery? With a recent Gallup study reporting, 51 percent of employees are not engaged in their work; there are a staggering number of people struggling to find happiness in their jobs. While it’s normal to have some bad days, you […]

Best Practices For Following up After an Interview

After finishing a stressful job interview, it’s normal to experience feelings of relief. However, it’s important to remember the interview process does not end after the interview is physically over. To truly make a positive, long-lasting impression you must take steps to follow up with your interviewer and keep communication fluid. Remember, you’re likely competing […]