Congrats on Your New Leadership Role! Here’s How to Excel

Have you recently found yourself in a new leadership role at your company? Chances are you’re probably feeling a combination of nervousness, excitement, and anticipation for what’s to come. By mentally preparing yourself, you’ll make your mark as a new leader and get things off on the right start.

All Great Leaders Have These Three Essential Traits

Have you ever thought great leaders are simply born that way? Though it may come more naturally for some, leadership is fortunately a skill that can be developed in anybody who has the desire and drive to excel. With the right mindset and tools, you can acquire the traits needed to succeed as a leader […]

Stepping Into a Leadership Role? Try These Tips!

If you’re stepping into a leadership role for the first time, the prospect of guiding others can be a daunting one. The good news is, while some leadership skills are innate and difficult to teach, others can be learned. Most anyone can become a good or even great leader if they are willing to work […]

Is Your Leadership Style Too Harsh for Your Employees?

Have you ever thought about how your leadership style plays a role in your employees’ performance? Unfortunately, many leaders are often quick to judge their employees without giving much attention to their own actions and behaviors. A lack of mindfulness about your own leadership can lead to a poor culture, and worst of all, an […]