The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process

At The Liberty Group, we understand that a job search can be stressful and frustrating. Looking for work is as consuming as a full time job. When you work with The Liberty Group, we strive to provide you with the specialized attention necessary for a successful job placement. You’ll be working with a partner who knows the employment market and takes the time to find the best way for you to flourish in it.

We make the effort to learn about you in order to create the best possible match between you and the positions available.  We make it our job to ensure a successful work relationship between you and your new employer.

The Screening & Assessment Interview

A complete assessment  interview with a Liberty Staffing Coordinator provides us not only  information on your background, but gives us a clear picture of the direction we need to take to meet your career goals. Our evaluation system and placement skills offer you, and our clients, valuable information that will enable the most companionable fit possible.  Our belief is that if you are happy in your workplace, our client will be happy as well.

Marketing Your Skills

Whether you know it or not, your skills and experience have value. Your Liberty Staffing Coordinator will search for the right opportunities and  work to match your skills and desires to our clients’ needs. We may also highlight you and your skills to companies that you may be interested in.

hiringThe Company Interview

Step 1- Scheduling

Once your Liberty Staffing Coordinator has identified a potential opportunity, he/she will present it to you and, if you agree, schedule an interview right away. Our goal is to schedule interviews within three days, so this will require flexibility and preparation on your part. If you are working as a temporary associate, you will have time to “take a test drive” in your new community.  Our client can “test drive” your skills as well.  This way you can see if this new work environment is the right fit for you.

Step 2-Preparation

Preparation can be a major confidence builder.  With this in mind,  your Liberty Staffing Coordinator will work together with you to prepare for you for your interview. We will give you information about the community, the Community Manager, directions, what to wear, the hours and other information to make sure you are properly prepared.  Our knowledge of these client companies will properly equip you so that you can meet expectations.

Step 3- Post Interview Review

Immediately after the interview, it is important that you call your Staffing Coordinator to review the interview and share your perspective of how the interview went.  If you are a temporary associate, we will contact you, as well as our client, throughout the assignment to be certain your placement is a fit for both parties.

The Offer

When an offer is made, your Liberty partner is in the best position to evaluate it and determine if it is the right valuation based on current employment market conditions. If a compensation question arises directly with the client during the interview, defer that question your for Liberty Staffing Coordinator.