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The Liberty Group is much more than a Temporary Staffing agency and Executive Search firm – we are a complete career resource for job candidates and employers across the United States.

In addition to our core recruiting services we offer the following value-added services, many at no charge:

Leasing 101

Leasing 101 is a free, one-day class that teaches people new to the industry (or those who could just use a refresher!) the basics in apartment leasing. The course also provides a first step toward a rewarding new career.

Before graduating from Leasing 101, each candidate is tested over the course material and prepped for their upcoming Fair Housing test.

Our Leasing 101 class became so popular we began to offer this free class to our clients. Did you just hire a new Greeter, or someone who may need a refresher course? Our trained instructors have been on-site and understand how important it is to offer training to new talent in our industry. We can come to your community or corporate office and hold your own private seminar. Call us at 855-961-7666 for details or complete the contact us form for more information. 

Leasing 102

Are you afraid to ask for the money? Do you know how to overcome objections? Would you like to learn more effective techniques OR maybe you need to work on your closing ratio and confidence? If so, this class is for you! Leasing 102 – Show Me The Money is an intense workshop to turn you into a Leasing Superstar! When you walk out, you will be saying “Show me the money!” Send us a message in the contact form to the right.

Fair Housing Training

Fair Housing Training is a free class to that teaches federal, state and local fair housing laws that protect people from discrimination in housing transactions such as rentals, sales, lending, and insurance.  Fair housing is the key to all people having the roof they want over their heads. It guarantees that regardless of your age, race, religion, family situation, or level of ability, you have the right to choose the housing that’s best for your needs—with no outside preferences or stereotypes being imposed.  Want to learn more, send us a message in the contact form to the right.

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