Outpace the competition with our RapidHire™ program.

Need to Hire Your Candidate Today?

Did you ever need to hire a candidate but the timing didn’t correspond with your budget?  Have you ever needed a candidate to start yesterday?

The Liberty Group provides a service that speeds up the hiring process of a desired candidate so you can  immediately obtain your valuable new hire with little to no wait time.  The RapidHire™ payroll service can allow you to employ your candidate within 24 hours. 

Our exclusive payroll service covers everything within the hiring process from start to finish.  We even handle any HR related issues.

Benefits of the RapidHire™ Payroll Program

Liabilities and Unemployment Protection. Should you have to part ways with the employee, we make the call, take care of the paperwork, and all liabilities saving you thousands of dollars and headaches.

Test Drive. So many times the new employee isn’t as qualified as you had hoped, doesn’t have a good attitude, bad work ethic, etc., and it turns out to be a bad hire.  RapidHire™ allows you to try the candidate before you spend the time and money to onboard them into your system. 

Background Checks. We perform national background check, professional reference checks, and E-Verify. We can have them ready to start right away taking them off the market.  Most candidates are interviewing with other companies, now you can avoid them taking another job before you can process them through your system.

No Buy-Out Fees or Minimum Hours. We can’t have the best payroll-onboarding program and charge your fees!  We can payroll your candidate for as short as a day or even months.  There are no minimum hours and no buy-out fees. 


Understanding the RapidHire™ Process

Offer Facilitation

You've interviewed a qualified candidate and want to hire them today!

24 Hours or Less

Provide candidate information to us and we'll get them onboarded in 24 hours or less.

Get Started Today

No buy-out fees or minimum hours. We can payroll candidates quickly.


If you are satisfied with your candidate, we will transfer them to your payroll as soon as you are ready.

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