Ready for More Responsibility at Your Job? Here’s How To Get It

Ready for More Responsibility at Your Job? Here’s How To Get It

Have you been working tirelessly at your job to impress your boss and land a promotion? If you believe you’re ready to take on more responsibility, it’s important to remember that your actions will always speak louder than words.

As you seek professional advancement, here are three practices you can use to accelerate your growth on the job and earn a promotion:

Become a problem-solver and offer solutions.

With so many employees in the workplace quick to complain about everything, taking the initiative to solve problems and offer viable solutions can go a long way to show you’re a true leader. Honing your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities will allow you to make more meaningful contributions to your workplace, further proving your value to the company at large. By going beyond the scope of your job to solve challenges and improve things like productivity or morale, you’ll demonstrate to your employer that you’re committed not just to your own success, but your team’s performance as a whole.

Be strategic with your approach.

Too often, employees believe if they “work harder,” than a promotion will naturally come. However, working harder doesn’t mean working smarter – and can often lead to a major dead-end. Rather than choose to take on a dozen new projects or assignments, consider two or three ways you can do exceedingly well within your role to make a positive impact. For instance, is there a need for more training of entry-level workers? Offering to step in and fill this void may be a great way to enhance your qualifications and serve in a vital function for your company. Prioritizing your efforts in this way will ensure you’re making the most of your time and skills for the betterment of your career and your employer.

Develop a plan.

It’s difficult to make positive, trackable enhancements to your performance if you fail to make a plan. Communicating one or two long-term goals will show your boss you’re dedicated to your professional growth and development, demonstrating you’ve put together a plan to work towards them. Examples of goals may include earning a certain type of certification; seeking weekly feedback from your manager, or taking on a new project or assignment. Your plan will serve as a tangible guide during this process, holding you accountable for reaching your goals.

Ready to take on more responsibility? It’s time to prove it! Practicing the steps above will help you put your intentions into action and land the promotion you deserve.

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