What To Avoid When Starting a New Job

What To Avoid When Starting a New Job

Are you in the process of entering a new job? While there are always many “do’s” when starting a new job, there are also many don’ts. Knowing what to avoid when getting acclimated with any position can help you make a positive impression on your boss and successfully transition into your role. Follow these tips of “don’ts” as you hit the ground running:  

Don’t make assumptions about workplace protocols. As you enter a new job, don’t assume any details about workplace protocols, especially pertaining to your performance and responsibilities. For example, rather than assume your start time and end time each day, confirm with the company’s human resources department what’s expected of you. Bringing preconceived notions from former employment into a new workplace will likely cause unnecessary confusion and stress during your first couple weeks.   

Don’t engage in workplace gossip. While it’s normal to want to fit in with coworkers and make new friends, it’s best to avoid engaging in any gossip. Gossiping can be rampant in many workplace settings, contributing to toxic employee relationships and a negative culture. Making a point to avoid talking about other coworkers or managers can save you from getting caught in the crossfires in the future. Even if you agree with what others are saying, stick to removing yourself from the conversation. Remember to maintain professionalism in all your exchanges. 

Don’t ignore help from coworkers. When coworkers offer advice or guidance, graciously accept it! Your coworkers can be a valuable resource of helpful information, insights, and overall assistance as you navigate your new job and learn the ropes of the organization. Making a point to engage with others in your workplace by asking meaningful questions, connecting over lunch breaks, and participating in collaborative projects will demonstrate that you’re a team player and willing to learn.    

With the right mindset and approach, there’s no reason to be nervous when starting a new job. By following the tips above, you’ll show your new employer you have what it takes to immerse yourself within your new workplace and work well with others.  

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