A Recipe for Success: What Makes a Great Leader Tick?

A Recipe for Success: What Makes a Great Leader Tick?

Do you want to be known as a leader at your organization? There’s a lot of talk about the importance of leadership in the workplace. However, very few understand how they can propel their careers to the leadership level. Understanding what makes a great leader tick can help you shift your focus and make improvements that positively change the trajectory of your professional future.

Here are some key tips for leadership success:

First, Know your purpose. 

Bringing a strong sense of purpose to your role is essential for success in every aspect of your job. The best leaders come to work each day with a clear vision for themselves and what they hope to accomplish. Defining your purpose begins with understanding your position within the context of the company at large. It also requires knowing how your skills, talents, and abilities can contribute in a meaningful way. Approaching your job with a core purpose will ultimately translate to better performance and greater satisfaction.

Next, focus on your communication.

Paying attention to your communication style can greatly impact your ability to be perceived as a leader within your organization. Leaders who communicate with respect, empathy, and emotional intelligence are far more effective at conveying their message and connecting with others. Both your verbal and nonverbal communication play a role in your leadership abilities and how influential you are among others whom you manage and supervise.

Finally, be willing to accept constructive criticism.

As a leader, it’s critical to accept constructive criticism and continually work on yourself. Regardless of how much you’ve achieved, being able to accept feedback and acknowledge your weaknesses will be key to your personal growth. Doing this will also earn you the respect of colleagues and subordinates, fostering open and transparent relationships in the workplace.

No matter your job or title, practicing the leadership skills listed above will serve you well as you climb the ladder and take on a greater level of responsibility. Above all, you’ll feel more confident as you seek new opportunities to enhance your career.

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