Hiring and Retaining Top Talent in Real Estate: Strategies for Success

Hiring and Retaining Top Talent in Real Estate: Strategies for Success

Are your workforce needs rapidly growing? It may be time to focus on how you can improve your hiring and retention into the new year. Investing in some new hiring practices may result in better placement outcomes, which will have long-term benefits for your organization’s bottom line. As you gear up for the year ahead, here are some strategies for more hiring and retention success:


Build a culture focused on employee engagement.

The way in which your leadership team engages with employees on a regular basis can often make or break your company’s culture. A culture that’s hyper-focused on employee engagement not only fosters a strong sense of connection among staff, but empowers its people to reach their greatest potential as individuals. This type of environment naturally attracts hardworking real estate candidates, as well as keeps your highest performing employees motivated to grow their careers at your company. Some initiatives that promote employee engagement include teambuilding activities; sales-based incentives; employee surveys; and regular performance reviews.


Provide on-the-job training.

Often the most driven employees desire the support and resources to be successful in their roles, which is why onsite training and development can be so impactful for hiring and retention. Promoting training programs offered at your company can lure prospective candidates who have the desire and foundational skills to learn real estate, but may need a bit more on-the-job guidance. Training can be delivered in a variety of forms, such as onboarding, management training, shadowing, among others. Many qualified candidates will embrace the chance to get paid while learning the ropes, and current staff will enjoy opportunities to continually grow their skills.


Conduct regular performance reviews.

Employees aren’t mind readers and it’s not fair to expect them to perform a certain way if they aren’t given feedback. Regular performance reviews are essential for providing employees with the insight they need to improve upon their weaknesses and learn from their mistakes. Establishing protocols related to performance reviews is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate a commitment to both current employees and prospective candidates that you care about their success within your company.


With these strategies, you can dramatically improve hiring and retention outcomes while increasing morale at your company! Are you struggling to find quality applicants for your property’s openings? Contact our team to secure the best candidates on the market!


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