The Liberty Group Clients and Success

Why Use The Liberty Group for Your Next Hire?

There are many personnel agencies who only provide executive recruiting, others solely on temporary staffing. For over 40 years, our clients have relied upon us to take the hassle out of talent acquisition with our diversified services.  Whether you need a Temporary Associate for a couple days, a full time permanent Maintenance Supervisor, or a top corporate executive through our Executive Search Division, The Liberty Group is your true one-stop shop for all your talent needs.

The Liberty Group provides temporary personnel in the following areas: Property Management/ MultifamilyOffice/ Accounting/ Leasing/ Marketing/ TrainingMaintenance along with flexible workforce solutions to quickly adapt to fluctuating market conditions. Typical areas are greeter, concierge, leasing, marketing, assistant manager, bookkeeper, property manager, porter, make-ready technician, service technician,lead supervisor, HVAC technician and more.  We ensure the day-to-day operations of your business run smoothly and efficiently, even when faced with last minute call-ins. Imagine no longer worrying about coverage for vacations, sick days, maternity or military leave, and other absences both expected and unexpected.  Our Temporary Staffing services provide experienced, professional temporary support, when and where you need it.

Personnel ServicesTemporary Staffing:

Temporary employees from The Liberty Group give your workforce unparalleled flexibility-and let you breathe easy.  Imagine no longer worrying about coverage for vacation, sick days, maternity leave, and other absences both expected and unexpected. Being understaffed is costly and causes undue stress on your teams. Let one of our Apartment Staffing job consultants work with you to provide experienced, professional temporary support when and where you need it.

Why Should I Hire Temporary?

Not quite sure if an employee is the right fit for your company? Test drive the employee before bringing him or her on full time by pay-rolling through Liberty (RapidHire™). The contract period may be as long or as short as desired to give you an opportunity to see them in action. Our temporary associates have been interviewed, successfully completed a background check, E-verification certification and at times trained by Liberty in specific skill sets.  With the time to validate a potential employee’s skills on the job without commitment, an informed hiring decision may be easily made.

Temporary – Temporary to Hire:

Take a Test Drive: You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive first, why would you hire your employee that way? Making the right decision when it comes to hiring your staff is one of the most crucial decisions you will make.  Hiring mistakes are costly and sifting through countless resumes that are unqualified are a waste of your valued time. We run background and reference checks on all our candidates, they are interviewed and in some cases go through our training programs to ensure you get the right fit the first time.  Test the skills, aptitude and work ethic of our candidate while they cover your temporary needs before making a decision to hire.

Direct Hire Job Position

Personnel Services – Direct Hire:

When time matters most, we efficiently fill your most critical on-site job openings. We help you find better candidates and fill positions faster.  Our Staffing Coordinator’s have worked on-site and understand the qualifications needed to excel on your community. The Liberty Group will get the requirements up front-and then manage everything else for you so you can focus on running your business. Through our comprehensive resume screening, testing and reference checking, we save you time by ensuring you only meet with the candidates who meet your strictest requirements. We have a large talent pool of pre- qualified candidates who are discreetly looking for a career change.  Let us put those candidates in front of you today!

RapidHire™ / Payrolling:

Rapid Hire
Outpace the competition with our RapidHire™ payroll service. When time is of the essence, secure your candidate faster than your competitors.  How fast? Is today fast enough? We eliminate your payroll and HR headaches.  You find the talent and we handle all of the administrative challenges and overhead costs including insurance, tax filings, HR paperwork, workers comp, termination and more. Test drive a potential employee on the job before making a hiring decision. It gets better!  As soon as you select the candidate, you can hire right away and there are never any additional buy-out fees.