The Best Impression – Your Best Foot Forward

Have you been going on interview after interview, only to feel deflated and unsuccessful with your job search? As a jobseeker, interviews are often the only opportunity you’ll have to showcase your qualifications, and most importantly, your character, work ethic, and career goals to employers. Investing time and effort in interview preparation can be one […]

Highlighting Bilingual Skills on Your Resume

Highlight Bilingual Skills on Your Resume l The Liberty Group

Are you seeking a position in the multifamily industry, but struggling to set yourself apart from the competition? If you’re bilingual in any capacity, it’s in your best interest to highlight your fluency and abilities on your resume. As one of the most unique skill sets in the workforce, bilingualism can add great value to […]

How to Get and Stay Organized in 2019

Every year you may have the intention to “organize” your life and get things on track. However, organizing both your personal life and your work life can be challenging. Few people master the art of organization, but if you do, you’ll improve your quality of life dramatically! Here are some top tips for getting organized […]

A Day In The Life Of a Property Manager: Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you looking for a job where you can build a foundation of management and customer skills? You may want to explore the many facets of an exciting career in property management. From managing operations to handling tenant inquiries, a day in the life of a property manager is never dull. If you’re good at […]

Struggling to Find New Employees? Here’s Why Nobody Is Applying to Your Jobs!

You’ve probably heard a lot about retaining workers, but what about getting them on board in the first place? Even with the advent of social media and online job boards, it’s still a challenge for many companies to spark the interest of qualified candidates. If it seems like nobody is applying to your jobs, it’s […]

How To Get Through Tough Interview Questions

If you’re actively seeking a new job, chances are you’ve experienced difficult interview questions that have been tough to answer on the spot. You’re not alone! At one point or another, every candidate encounters at least one interview question that catches them off guard and makes them struggle to find the right words. It’s how […]