Ready to Hire? It’s Time to Give Your Whole Team a Checkup

Ready to Hire? It’s Time to Give Your Whole Team a Checkup

Every day I am called by clients who need help finding their next great hire.  More often than not, they send me a standard job description along with a few other generic nuggets that make it hard for me to locate that perfect match who will immediately make a difference.

Finding the Missing Piece

the missing piece My first response is always this: “How is your current team performing?” I ask this question because of one simple truth: you can’t properly fill an open position without first accounting for your existing team’s strengths and weaknesses. After all, you wouldn’t settle for a puzzle piece that mostly fits. My goal is to help clients make hires that last and not just be “filler” for an open position.

How do you find the right fit? To make a successful hire, you must know the condition of your current team. It’s time for a checkup.

The Doctor Will See You Now

The doctor will see you now Start with an honest, detailed analysis of your team.  What skills do they bring to the company? Where do they excel and where are they weak? What missing qualities could a new hire bring that would take your team to the next level? Examine each employee individually and then the team overall.

After you have done this, compare your findings to the job description for your open position.  Typically, my clients find that their job description does not make their team stronger – it simply fills the basic skill set for the position.  Your team’s checkup lets you ensure your next hire fills any gaps and strengthens any weaknesses.

By truly understanding your team, you can help eliminate turnover and make better hires.  Stay engaged, work on any weaknesses, and always keep an eye out for the gaps.  Do these things and you will hire based on what will complete your team and not just fill a job description.

Not ready to analyze your team yourself? Bring them in for their checkup. An analysis of your team by The Liberty Group’s experts is always free and just one of our many complimentary consulting services. Contact us for more information!