Signs You’re Ready to Start Looking for a New Job

Signs You’re Ready to Start Looking for a New Job

Do you constantly find yourself looking at the clock during the workday out of sheer misery? With a recent Gallup study reporting, 51 percent of employees are not engaged in their work; there are a staggering number of people struggling to find happiness in their jobs. While it’s normal to have some bad days, you shouldn’t feel constantly unhappy at your work. Job dissatisfaction will not only stunt your professional growth but also take its toll on your physical and mental well-being.


If you find yourself feeling sad, angry or frustrated with your current employment, it may be time to seek new opportunities. Here are some key signs you should start looking for a new job:


You continuously have complaints about your workplace.

Do you frequently have conversations with your family and friends that revolve around complaints and issues you have with your workplace? This type of negative commentary can create unnecessary toxic energy with those around you and become detrimental to your personal life. It’s important to consider the source of your complaints and what exactly about your job makes you upset. If the things at work are causing you distress are out of your control, it’s in your best interest to find a position that will bring out the best in you – rather than leaving you feeling hot and bothered long after the workday.


You’ve stopped learning.

If you’re not learning or feeling challenged, it’s tough to stay motivated and engaged in your work. Though you may not be learning something new every single day, it’s important you’re at least improving your skills and contributing your talents in a meaningful and productive way. If every day feels like a drag, it’s time to start looking for a job that will provide opportunities to help you reach your fullest potential. For example, you may want to consider companies with mentorship programs or on-the-job certification training. Finding a job in which you can grow and continue to learn is critical to your happiness and career advancement.


You’ve developed poor relationships with co-workers or bosses.

If you find yourself having to navigate through tumultuous relationships on the job, this is a clear sign you need to find a healthier work environment. Passive aggressiveness and unprofessional communication can lead to low productivity and stunt your ability to excel within your role. Also, contentious relationships can often result in high levels of stress and emotional and physical problems, so it’s best to get out of this situation as quickly as possible.


Understanding the potentially harmful effects your current job has on your daily life is the first step to making positive changes. Identifying the signals above will help you get on track to finding a position that is better suited for you.


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