How to Build Your Confidence After a String of Bad Interviews

How to Build Your Confidence After a String of Bad Interviews

Have you been going on interview after interview, only to get no callbacks? While there’s no way to determine the exact reason for every interviewing outcome, one thing’s for sure – a string of bad interviews can leave you feeling deflated and unmotivated to keep putting yourself out there. However, for the sake of your job hunt, it’s imperative to keep moving forward. As you regroup from unsuccessful interviews, here are some ways to start rebuilding your confidence:

Reflect on your performance.

If you fail to reflect on your interview performance, you might as well be planning to fail on future interviews. It’s critical you think closely about your verbal and nonverbal body language, as well as how you presented yourself in general. For example, were you running late getting to the interview? Did you fail to make eye contact with the hiring manager? Did you exhibit poor communication skills due to nervousness? Being honest with yourself is the first step to identifying areas that need improvement so you can reverse these bad habits for next time.

Practice with a mentor.

Rather than standing in front of a mirror in the comfort of your own home, it’s time to take action and seek the feedback of a mentor who can provide an objective perspective. Whether it’s a former boss or an industry colleague, find someone who’s been through the interviewing process and can offer meaningful guidance. Reach out to someone you trust and respectfully ask if they’ll run through a practice interview with you. You’ll be surprised to learn how many people in your network will want to help you succeed.

Focus on progress, not perfection.

During difficult times, it’s common to put enormous pressure on yourself to have perfect interview performance. News flash! There’s no such thing as a perfect interview performance, and there will always be some factors outside of your control. Instead of obsessing over what others may think of you, focus on what’s in your control (such as your professionalism, communication, and demeanor). Reminding yourself of this will help you walk away from every interview knowing you did your absolute best, regardless of the outcome.

Don’t give up on your job search

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