Are You Leaving a Good First Impression on Candidates?

Are You Leaving a Good First Impression on Candidates?

As an interviewer, you may think you can do no wrong when it comes to the interviewing process. After all, you’ll always have the upper hand over candidates, right? If this is your mindset, you’re sadly mistaken! Believe it or not, the impression you leave on candidates can significantly affect their perceptions of you as an employer. Many employers are experiencing the harsh reality that top candidates in today’s job market have many employment options – making it critical for hiring managers to present their company and culture in the best light possible. To leave a positive impression on candidates, here are some simple, yet important practices your hiring team should consistently follow:

Respect candidates’ time.

Just as it’s unprofessional for a candidate to run late to an interview, the same goes for the interviewer. Unless something urgent arises, it’s best to be on schedule for a candidate’s interview. This shows you respect the candidate’s time and are honoring your meeting with them, instead of keeping them waiting outside your door nervously for 30 minutes. Most importantly, this sets the tone for what’s expected from a potential employee on the job. Just as you respect the candidate’s time, you’d want the candidate to be reliable and consistently show up on time to work.

Prepare for the interview.

You’d expect a candidate to research your company before an interview, so why wouldn’t you educate yourself about the candidate? There’s perhaps nothing more off-putting to a candidate than an interviewer glancing at their resume for the first time during an interview. While you don’t need to know every detail about who you’re interviewing, it’s best to familiarize yourself about a candidate’s skills and credentials so you can prepare the right questions. Having some foresight about the candidate will also demonstrate you’re genuinely interested in their qualifications and want to learn more about how they’d fit in at your organization.

Be open and honest about the position.

In every interview, the candidate deserves to be given honest and accurate information about your company and the position. Fabricating information to make your work environment sound more appealing or trying to make the job appear more glamorous than it is, will only lead to a disappointed and unsatisfied employee. Rather than try to deceive candidates, be straight-forward about the job’s responsibilities and highlight the benefits of your company’s culture. Candidates will always appreciate getting a truthful overview of the job so they can assess how they’d fit within your company.

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