It’s Time to Review Your Hiring Process for 2020

It’s Time to Review Your Hiring Process for 2020

With the new year around the corner, you may be in the process of doing a year-end review to forecast your company’s future performance. As you seek to make positive changes within your organization, the first place to start is often your hiring process. How you conduct your hiring process can have a huge effect on your company, from the quality of employees on your team to the morale that exists within your workplace culture.

As you gear your team up for 2020, here are some key steps for revamping your hiring process:

Identify the problems.

Almost every hiring process has some problems, whether you’d like to admit it or not. Conducting a thorough assessment of all aspects of your hiring is the first major step to making much-needed changes. From evaluating the “applicant experience” to employee retention numbers, it’s paramount that you dig deep to find which areas of your process harm your bottom line and company culture. Once you’ve identified the core problems, you can take the appropriate steps to address them in the best manner.

Consider outside staffing services.

If you’re facilitating all your hiring internally, chances are your human resources team is burned out the max, unable to keep up with staffing demands. There’s a lot of value in exploring how outside hiring services from a trusted staffing firm can help your company streamline the hiring process, making it more effective and efficient. In addition to saving time, a staffing firm can result in huge cost savings for your company, eliminating many parts of the tedious hiring process that come along with posting jobs, screening and interviewing candidates, and onboarding and training.

Measure outcomes.

Even after you’ve made necessary adjustments, it’s important to continuously track your company’s progress and measure the outcomes of your changes. Monitoring metrics like candidate acceptance rates, employee retention, and productivity levels will provide insight as to how impactful the changes have served your organization financially, operationally and culturally. Making a habit of regularly measuring outcomes is critical for predicting your company’s future performance and retaining your best talent for years to come.

Taking the action steps above to shape your hiring process for 2020 is crucial to your company’s success next year. By investing in positive changes, you’ll set the stage for better hiring outcomes – and ultimately – better employee retention.

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