Are Your Management Skills Working?

Are Your Management Skills Working?

Do you feel lately as though you’ve lost control over your team? Are you feeling burned out, as though you’ve reached your maximum capacity? It’s not uncommon for managers to experience periods of deflation, especially during hectic and stressful times. However, it’s how you handle these experiences that can make or break you as a manager. If it’s been a while since you’ve evaluated your management skills, it may be time to check in with yourself.

Check out these three major skillsets and how they impact your day-to-day performance:

Delegation and time management

If you find yourself constantly scrambling to get multiple projects and assignments completed, chances are you haven’t fully mastered the art of delegation. As a manager, it’s your role to allocate responsibilities to the designated members of your team appropriately. Just because you may be skilled at performing certain tasks doesn’t mean your time is best spent doing them! Some tips for improving delegation abilities include assigning work based on your employees’ strengths establishing a priority system for task completion; and effectively communicating expectations and deadlines to your team.

Team-building initiatives

One of the chief complaints of many employees is that their managers don’t encourage them to work together in teams. A major key element of effective management is fostering a sense of collaboration and teambuilding among your employees in a variety of ways. Developing initiatives that allow your employees to work together will instill greater motivation among your entire department, as well as create a greater sense of morale. Incorporating team-building initiatives within your company, such as a weekly team meeting or group learning goals, can be a catalyst for a more vibrant culture in which every person on your team feels valued and included in achieving company goals.

Decision-making abilities

Easily one of the most difficult skills to master, your ability to make the best decisions for your team will always be paramount. If you’re faced with numerous decisions to make each day, it’s essential that you understand what steps are required to ensure your department can operate at an optimal level. Through proper prioritization and goal assessment, you can take the necessary steps to improve your decision-making abilities and create better outcomes.

Your management skills are dependent on your ability to identify areas of weakness and systemically make improvements to your management style. By keeping the areas above in mind, you can dramatically enhance your abilities as a manager while creating a more productive work environment for your entire team.

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