Your Guide to Using Social Media for Hiring

Your Guide to Using Social Media for Hiring

Have you exhausted all traditional avenues of recruiting, only to keep landing on dead-ends? With a shortage of quality candidates wreaking havoc in many industries, recruiters and hiring managers have no choice but to explore new means for recruitment – many of which are through digital channels. If you’re not using social media for hiring, you’re missing out on potentially thousands of qualified candidates. Here are some key strategies for how you can embrace social media to improve hiring outcomes:  

Promote your employer brand.  

With millions of candidates actively searching for jobs online every day, your company’s social media pages give you the prime opportunity to promote your employer brand and highlight your company culture. Posting content that positively reflects upon your team, workplace setting, and overall mission will attract candidates seeking jobs in the type of environment and values offered by your company. Effectively highlighting your employer brand can be instrumental in driving candidates to your website, job boards, and other recruiting funnels, increasing traffic to employment openings.   

Utilize targeted social media campaigns.  

One of the best ways to leverage social media is to promote your job postings through targeted social media campaigns. Through sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, you can strategically advertise certain job postings to generate attention among candidates with the skills and qualifications that match your job positions. The ability to target a specific candidate audience will increase the likelihood of finding the best-fit talent, including both active and passive candidates. In addition to improving hiring outcomes, your job posts will gain exposure to potential candidates who may have never learned or become educated about your company otherwise.  

Engage with video.  

When it comes to social media, engagement is paramount to successful recruiting. Engaging candidates through video is one of the most impactful ways you can inform, inspire, and educate prospective candidates about your company and job opportunities. Whether it’s showcasing members of your team or providing a virtual tour of your workspace, video is a multi-faceted platform that can be used to better connect and reach the types of candidates you’re hoping to attract.  

These are just some of the strategies you can use to enhance hiring efforts on social media and ultimately bring on board the best employees to your company. As social media continues to evolve, your team will need to adopt new recruiting practices in maintaining a steady candidate flow.  

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