Three Soft Skills Every Maintenance Tech Should Have

Three Soft Skills Every Maintenance Tech Should Have

Do you have experience doing manual labor and maintenance work? Maintenance jobs are on the rise in many industries, making this line of work popular for jobseekers ready to put their skills to good use. However, in addition to technical abilities, interpersonal skills are paramount for success in most maintenance jobs. As a maintenance technician, here are three soft skills that can help you stand out to employers:

Customer service. While this may not seem like the first skill that comes to mind, maintenance techs must deliver a high level of customer service to every person they come in contact with on the job. For instance, maintenance techs who work at a large multifamily property often communicate with tenants to make repairs and resolve problems within their residence. Often maintenance techs hear complaints directly from residents, making it imperative that they maintain professionalism in all their communications and listen to residents’ concerns.

Problem-solving. Every maintenance job is different, requiring techs to adjust their focus and identify the best solutions for each project. Technicians who apply knowledge from past experience are best suited for making decisions and implementing the most effective repairs within a reasonable timeframe. Working well under pressure and prioritizing tasks while completing small and large assignments is essential for succeeding in any maintenance role.

Adaptability. The best maintenance techs can shift their skillset and focus. An ability to adapt to many repair needs involving various matters – such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, heating, and cooling – is key for fulfilling many types of job requests. Typically, workers in the maintenance field with multifaceted experience on different projects are most appealing to employers (especially those in the multifamily industry) that need qualified, reliable help to keep their properties functioning at an optimal level.

If you’re a maintenance worker currently seeking employment, there’s great value in showcasing the soft skills above on your resume and during interviews. The more well-rounded you are as a candidate, the easier it will be to land a job you love.

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