3 Tips to Help Managers Build Trust with Employees

3 Tips to Help Managers Build Trust with Employees

Has trust been an issue at your company, resulting in a toxic workplace culture? At the heart of most successful organizations is trust, especially when it comes to manager-employee relationships. Companies that proactively help their managers develop trust with staff tend to have the most productive and meaningful work environments. Here are some tips to start helping your managers build trust with employees:  

Establish an open-door policy between managers and staff. Open communication is integral to building trust in any organization, and this process starts with managers who are readily available to speak with employees. Employees can feel comfortable voicing their opinions or concerns without being judged or mistreated with an open-door policy. This is especially important for employees who may come to managers regarding issues of a sensitive nature, such as sexual harassment, racism, or inappropriate behavior.  

Require performance reviews. When employees regularly provide their subordinates with thorough and detailed feedback, employees naturally will feel more informed about their performance and how they can improve. Requiring managers to give quarterly or yearly performance reviews demonstrates to staff a commitment to providing guidance and mentorship on the job. This will inherently give employees the knowledge and tools to work on their weaknesses and leverage their strengths. Empowering staff in this way will ultimately build a stronger sense of trust between managers and their teams, directly affecting morale within your organization.   

Provide managers with feedback. Managers, just as their subordinates, also require constructive feedback to enhance their managerial skills and improve within their roles. It’s the responsibility of your leadership team to monitor the performance of managers and regularly assess what changes should be made to improve your managers’ skills. It’s common for many companies to implement ongoing training and development for managers to ensure that best practices are consistently being followed.  

Understanding the trust between managers and staff within your company is key to building a motivated and successful team. With the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to creating a work environment that thrives on trust and connection.  

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