Characteristics That Will Make You a Better Manager

Characteristics That Will Make You a Better Manager

Is one of your 2022 goals to become a better manager? Working on your managerial skills will help you lead a team of productive, loyal employees who are committed to achieving organizational objectives. While mastering effective management can take time and practice, it can have major payoffs for your career in the long run. As you gear up for another year, here are three characteristics that will make you a better manager: 

Transparency. With the global events of the past year, employees are increasingly seeking transparency from their managers now more than ever. The combination of uncertainty and instability in the economy has resulted in employees wanting to be part of work environments that foster open and fluid communication. People don’t just want a paycheck; they want a manager who willingly listens to their concerns. One of the most impactful ways to improve transparency as a manager is by establishing weekly or monthly one-on-one meetings to check in with employees regularly. Identifying opportunities to communicate more on a personal level will show your staff that you’re readily available to them.  

Empowerment. It’s often underestimated the influence that managers have over their employees’ performance. Managers who motivate their staff to set goals and engage in self-improvement are generally more successful at retaining talent and encouraging employees to take more accountability in their roles. From goalsetting to teambuilding, there are many initiatives you can take to empower your employees and give them the tools and feedback to grow professionally.    

Empathy. At the core of most good managers is a sense of empathy. Empathetic managers can relate to employees’ concerns and address their needs in a meaningful and effective way. You can exhibit more empathy in the workplace by actively listening, identifying early signs of burnout in employees, and implementing solutions that improve work-life balance, such as flexible scheduling or remote work options. 

Embracing the characteristics above will not only make you a better manager to your staff but allow you to improve in every aspect of your job – from recruiting and interviewing to training and onboarding.  

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