What Certifications Can Help Your Property Management Team Stay Competitive?

What Certifications Can Help Your Property Management Team Stay Competitive?

Do you employ a large team of property managers at your company? As the property management field becomes increasingly complex, helping your management team develop the necessary skills and knowledge is essential for their ability to thrive in the industry. By promoting specialized certifications, you can equip your property managers with the skills and confidence to excel in their roles. Here are some of the most highly regarded property management certifications to introduce to your team:

Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) certification.

Offered by the Institute of Real Estate Management, the ARM certification is geared for professionals in the early stages of their careers. This certification covers all the basic concepts and tools entry-level property managers need to excel in the industry and fulfill responsibilities in most roles. To apply for the ARM accreditation, applicants must complete a total of at least 12 months of residential real estate experience. If you have entry-level managers on your team, this is a valuable certification to introduce to them as they grow their careers at your company.

Certified Property Manager (CPM) certification.

As one of the most highly respected certifications in property management, managers with the Certified Property Manager (CPM) are eligible for this accreditation after completing at least three years of experience working in the industry and obtaining a Real Estate Broker’s license. The CPM is considered an advanced certification which covers everything from financial and asset management to day-to-day operations. This certificate can significantly enhance the credentials of your managers who have worked at your company for the required amount of time and exhibit long-term potential to excel in the industry.

Master Property Management (MPM) certification.

The MPM is arguably one of the most prestigious certifications that can be obtained in the property management, which is only given to candidates with extensive experience managing at least 500 units in the past five years before application. For professionals who want an edge in the industry, pursuing this certification can be a game-changer for achieving greater career growth and higher earning potential.

Educating your property managers about these certification options will demonstrate your commitment to their professional development and success. In addition to improving the quality of your property management team, you’ll improve staff retention and hiring outcomes over time.

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