Risk Management: How to Stay Prepared as a Property Management Company

Risk Management: How to Stay Prepared as a Property Management Company

Is your property management company prepared for the unexpected? While risk is always present, there are steps you can take to mitigate risk and ensure your property is being managed properly. Property managers who are educated about risk management practices tend to be best at keeping their properties functioning at a high level. As a property manager, here are some key areas of risk and how to prevent them:

Physical damage.

Property damage is always one of the most common risks associated with rental property complexes. From scratched walls or floors to broken furniture, there are many forms of damage that can occur over time. You can take steps to minimize physical damage by conducting regular inspections before issues become larger, as well as employ a full team of qualified maintenance technicians to make repairs in a timely manner. Investing in a staff that cares about the quality of your property and is proactive about resolving issues will be your best line of defense against the risk of property damage.

Tenant injury liabilities.

Making tenant safety a top priority is critical for reducing the risk of tenant injuries on your property. As a property manager, you are liable for accidents (big or small) that occur directly at your complex in the case of negligence. In addition to having insurance, regular inspections and ongoing maintenance procedures are critical for reducing the likelihood of tenant injuries and keeping your property in the best condition. This involves hiring highly qualified maintenance staff who are trained at recognizing safety issues and knowledgeable about preventive measures.

Rising vacancies.

As rising vacancies become a greater issue in the rental property industry, property managers must work even harder to fill occupancy. To proactively avoid vacancies, property managers must constantly be engaged in sales and community outreach. This can include advertising and referral-based marketing, as well as using a realtor or broker to promote your property. By taking action to continually keep vacancy levels low, you’ll greatly reduce financial risk for your company in the future.

By investing in risk management practices for your property management company, you’ll set the stage for long-term success – having a positive impact on both staff and tenants alike.

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