Customer Service Skills for Your Property Management Team

Customer Service Skills for Your Property Management Team

At the heart of most thriving property management companies is a management team that’s committed to providing superior customer service. Strong attention to customer service is often instrumental to running a company that fully serves the needs of its tenants while positively engaging staff in day-to-day operations. Here are three of the most important customer service skills for your property management team:

Emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and react appropriately to others’ emotions, is paramount to superior customer service. Property managers who actively listen to the concerns of their tenants and employees are better able to solve problems and address the needs of others in an empathetic way. Emotional intelligence is predicated on strong communication, self-awareness, and assertiveness. Through exhibiting emotional intelligence, property managers can engage their staff and create a positive environment for everyone at their property.


In the property management field, situations and events can change in an instant which is why adaptability is such a key customer service skill. Managers who can quickly shift their attention to address issues or resolve challenges are most effective at resolving problems and responding to tenants’ needs. Teaching your management team to be adaptable in handling unexpected occurrences throughout the day will improve relationships with both tenants and other staff members.


As demands change frequently at an apartment or multifamily complex, property managers must be skilled at delegating tasks and assignments to various members of their team, such as administrative staff, maintenance techs, and contractors. Effective delegation is especially necessary which emergencies happen on site, such as fires, health crises, or other types of unexpected circumstances that require immediate attention. Understanding when to delegate – and being able to clearly communicate a course of action – is key to mastering this important skill.

At most apartment and multifamily complexes, customer service is an essential skill for any employee working in a management capacity. Hiring candidates with customer service abilities and fostering this skill within your company will allow you to build a vibrant community that prioritizes tenant satisfaction.

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