Don’t Make These Two Common Interview Mistakes

Don’t Make These Two Common Interview Mistakes

Has the job search felt like a major struggle lately? While you may be a highly qualified candidate, your approach to the interview process may need some improvement. Often candidates are oblivious to mistakes they continually make during interviews, only to be left wondering where they went wrong. Here are two of the most common interview mistakes to avoid moving forward:


Neglecting your online presence. Perception is very much reality, especially in the world of hiring. Neglecting your online presence can have devastating consequences on your job search outcomes, causing you to lose out on interview opportunities and harm your professional reputation. As you prepare for job interviews, be sure to update all social media profiles and make sure they reflect positively on your credentials. This involves updating your headshot, as well as deleting any content that may detract from your qualifications.


Winging it. No matter how experienced you may be with interviews, preparation is still essential. Walking into a job interview with little to no preparation can prove to be disastrous for many reasons. It’s imperative to spend at least a couple of hours researching the employer and thinking about why your qualifications are a fit for the position. There are many ways in which you can prepare for an interview, including practicing responses to potential questions and educating yourself about current industry trends and developments. By engaging in adequate preparation, you’ll build your confidence and feel empowered to perform your best during the entire interview process.


The bottom line? Avoiding these two major mistakes will set you up for interview success and allow you to achieve your greatest potential throughout your job search.


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