Opening Lines for Your Next Cover Letter

Opening Lines for Your Next Cover Letter

Looking for new ways to stand out in the candidate pool? Your cover letter is a great place to start! The opening line of a cover letter can significantly affect how you’re initially perceived by hiring managers, setting the stage for a successful job search.

As you work on updating and refining your cover letters, here are three types of opening lines to consider:


Current job title and accomplishments. One of the most common ways to kick off your cover letter is to start by describing your current role and responsibilities. For example, you may begin your letter by stating, “As a property manager, I manage many facets of my property’s operations and tenant communications.” Within the letter’s introductory paragraph, you can go on to describe your performance and accomplishments. This will immediately set the tone for your relevant experience and ability to perform the job.


Network connection. When it comes to landing an interview, networking and relationships are often powerful. Starting out your letter with a reference to a connection or mutual contact who has ties with the employer (or referred you to the opportunity) is a great way to generate interest by the hiring manager. For instance, referencing a current employee at the company can help you build credibility right off the bat. As an example, you may start your letter by stating, “My name is Jill Martin and I recently spoke with your property manager, Tim Doe, who instructed me to contact you about this opportunity.” This will immediately draw a connection with the employer, as you’ll be mentioning a member of their staff who has recommended you as a candidate.


Employer news. An effective way to showcase your knowledge and qualifications is to start your letter with a piece of news about the employer. This will demonstrate your knowledge of current affairs within your industry, drawing immediate attention to your expertise as a professional. As an example, you may say, “Recently, I noticed your company was featured in the local business journal about the opening of a new property.” This will reinforce your interest in the employer while showing a commitment to staying informed about the latest developments in your field.


While there’s no perfect cover letter, using one of these opening lines can certainly elevate your application and help you gain momentum during your job search.


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