What are Hiring Managers in the Multifamily Housing Industry Looking for On Your Resume?

What are Hiring Managers in the Multifamily Housing Industry Looking for On Your Resume?

Are you in search for a new job in the multifamily housing industry? With many opportunities available, it can be difficult to know how your specific qualifications and skills align with what hiring managers are seeking in candidates. As you apply for jobs, here are some of the most important updates and additions to make on your resume:


Relevant work experience. In the multifamily field, relevant work experience is paramount for almost any position. Typically, career growth happens once you’ve had a chance to work in various settings over time. Direct experience handling property matters, dealing with tenant concerns, and assisting with property operations will add value to your resume and further demonstrate the depth of your qualifications.


Interpersonal skills. Whether you’re on the market for a leasing agent position or maintenance worker job, interpersonal skills are essential for success in the multifamily industry. Employers are increasingly seeking candidates with strong communication, customer service, and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, an ability to work well with others as a team is necessary for many roles within a multifamily setting.


Adaptability. With demands quickly changing on a multifamily property complex, workers must be able to adapt and switch gears as needed to accommodate the needs of their property. Candidates who possess a willingness to be flexible on the job and go beyond the scope of their roles are generally the most attractive candidates. You can describe your ability to be adaptable within your employment history section, as well as in your skills section.


Highlighting relevant experience, interpersonal skills, and adaptability can play a major role in helping you land interviews and ultimately land your next job!

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